Armouron Action Set

Armouron Action SetIf you have a lively boy running round the house, the Armouron Action Set would be a perfect gift this Christmas. The Armouron series is super popular among children at the moment.

The Armouron Action Set, from Bandai, is a new customizable suit of armour for kids to play dress-up and playact as one of the Armouron knights.

The starter set consists of a chest armour, a helmet and a shield, a gauntlet and Snapperons, which are lightweight (made of high density foam) but are particularly strong and durable.

Recommended for boys aged 4 years and up, the action set comes in red and blue, with the red and blue Snapperons included in the starter packs, and gold and silver can be purchased separately.

This makes for a perfect role play accessory as well as a dressing up costume, as you can buy the accessory packs which allow your child to personalize with spikes, flames and wings.


If this is a must have gift, order now to avoid disappointment.


Why will boys love this Armouron Action Set?

The Pros of buying this product:

  • Chest armour, helmet with visor and shield and all other parts and accessories are unique, lightweight and sturdy.
  • Made of high density foam, these afford a level of protection for the children while they are role-play dueling
  • For a quick and easy fit, these can be assembled in different ways by using the adjustable Snapperon connections.
  • These are not very complicated at all to put together
  • The accessory parts, which add another aspect to the action sets, are available for customization, and the range of accessories will soon be extended.
  • Enhances their imagination and construction and role-playing creativity.
  • Also encourages your child to interact with other children.
  • The starter sets themselves are not very expensive, as are the accessory packs.
  • Provides hours of fun and play for the child

Of course there are always a few negatives, so here are the Cons of buying this product:

  • The child you are thinking of giving this to should have a height of between 104-130 cm. So you should measure him or her before purchasing to avoid any discomfort.
  • You will need to purchase more Snapperons (clips which are needed to connect the pieces of armour together, and the accessory parts to be attached). These, along with new accessories to be released, are additional expenses that could affect your budget.

All in all, a great “activity” toy, ideal for boys, the Armouron Action set is sure to sell out fast this Christmas.